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Colour Options

Colour Options

Aluminium powder coatings are an excellent way to protect your guttering and downpipes and add a touch of colour to your property.

This coating allows you to change the colour of your guttering while ensuring it will last for a long time. Powder coat can be applied to a wide range of different surfaces, including metal, plastic and wood.

Over 200 RAL colours are available for powder coating your gutters, allowing you to choose whichever suits your style best. The most popular colours include black, white, anthracite grey, and silver.

Here are some examples of what these three colours can look like:

  • Black - Black powder coatings are extremely popular because they don't show dirt easily and match well with most types of architecture. In addition, black powder coatings are often used in industrial environments with lots of dirt around, such as factories or warehouses.
  • White - White powder coatings are popular in modern architectural styles because they look great against light-coloured walls and roofs. White powder coatings also work well with aluminium fascia if you intend to switch or complement a specific building theme.
  • Grey - Grey powder coatings are becoming increasingly popular because they provide an elegant appearance without being too flashy like yellow or red might appear to some people (although it's up to you to choose the best colour).

Gutters Online offers a comprehensive range of RAL/BS colours in a variety of finishes such as Matt, Satin, and Gloss. For some colours, a textured finish is available to replicate the traditional look of Cast Iron. For more modern applications, a selection of metallic finishes is another option, too.

If you can not see the colour you need, please call our sales line on 0330 9122288 for advice and availability.

The prices shown on our website are based on standard available colours. You will have the option to select the colour and finish required during the checkout process.

Aluminium Powdercoat options

RAL 9005 Black RAL 9005 Leatherette RAL 7024 Graphite Grey RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey RAL 7015 Slate Grey RAL 7012 Basalt Grey
RAL 7005 Mouse Grey RAL 7037 Dusty Grey RAL 7038 Agate Grey RAL 7035 Light Grey RAL 9010 Pure White RAL 9016 Traffic White
BS08B29 Bitter Chocolate RAL 8017 Chocolate Brown RAL 5002 Ultramarine Blue RAL 6005 Moss Green RAL 3020 Traffic Red RAL 1013 Oyster White

Polyester Powdercoat Finishes for Aluminium

  • Matt (30% Gloss Level)
  • Satin (65% Gloss Level)
  • Gloss (80% Gloss Level)
  • Leatherette Black (80% Gloss with a Textured Heritage Finish) 

Please Note - Not all finishes are available in all the colours, but if there is a certain colour and finish you require that isn't on our list, please get in touch with us for further assistance.

Non-listed colours and/or finishes carry a surcharge.

Cast Iron Colours

We offer a full transit primed grey finish for site painting to a colour of your choice or a high-quality factory-applied 4-stage wet paint finish, primarily in a black semi-gloss finish, although other colours are available POA.

Please feel free to contact us for further advice or assistance on colour selection.

When restoring or constructing a building, the contractor and the owner have a clear picture of what they want the completed project to look like, right down to the colours on the wall and the roof. The details must be perfect for the finished building to appear as planned. But, finding some materials like gutters in the right colours sometimes becomes hard, and while they are only a small part of the building, they can adversely affect the overall appearance of the building.

Benefits of Powder Coating Aluminium

Powder coating aluminium has many benefits over other types of paint finishes or plating processes, including:

UV resistant

Powder coating aluminium is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, so it will not fade like other paints or coatings susceptible to UV light exposure.

Water resistance

Powder coatings are water resistant and will not flake or peel off as easily as other coatings, such as enamel. This makes them ideal for use on gutters where they may regularly be exposed to rain or snow.

Dirt resistance

Powder coatings are designed specifically for outdoor use, so they are not affected by dirt or grime like other types of paint. In addition, they have excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals such as gasoline and diesel fuel due to their high-quality polymer base materials, which provide excellent adhesion.

Low maintenance

Powder-coated aluminium is resistant to corrosion and provides excellent protection against water damage. In addition, it will not crack or peel like paint, making it an ideal option for areas subject to constant exposure to water, such as gutters.

Excellent colour retention

Powder-coated aluminium retains its colour much better than other types of paint or varnish, which can fade over time. This means your gutters will look great in any colour or design you choose, even after years of use!

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