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Steel Gutters - Roofart Steel Guttering System


Roofart steel gutters are made with high-strength SSAB steel and pair with our round steel downpipes as part of the Scandic steel guttering system.

The Scandic Rainwater System has been created for optimal performance.

Our Scandic 125/87 Steel Gutter System includes 125mm half-round gutters designed to fit 87mm round downpipes, while the Scandic 150/100 Steel Gutter System includes 150mm half-round steel gutters to fit 100mm round downpipes.

Coloured steel gutters are pre-coated with GreenCoat bio-renewable paint and come with a 30-year corrosion guarantee and a 15-year colour guarantee.

Roofart galvanised steel gutters are coated with Zinc Magnesium (ZM310g/m2). The zinc layer protects against corrosion and allows the stunning galvanised finish to weather naturally over time.

Stock colours available:

Easy To Install

The steel gutter and pipe bracelets can be closed with clips, making the installation process easier for the installer. Additionally, the system can be opened if needed at a later time.

High load resistance

The corner, combined with the gutter bracelets, is a unique innovation in the market. It helps to evenly distribute the forces acting on the length of the gutter due to the load, so the corner will no longer tend to sag.

Other parts that contribute to the stiffening of the system are stamped gutter hooks (CJ), galvanised joints (EJ) and gutter stabilisers (SJ).

Increased tightness

The gaskets used for the gutter bracelets and the corners are the widest, ensuring the perfect closure of the gutter system against water infiltration. Sealing gaskets are included with the gutter caps, eliminating the need for silicone.

Possibility to collect water in external tanks

Rainwater systems can collect water using the catchment element - EC or in the sewer system (through the rainwater decanter - DEP for later use or controlled discharge).

The rainwater decanter enables you to reach and clean the area where water is collected, which can contain impurities and waste.

If you have any questions or need assistance with installation, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0330 218 2288.

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