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Aluminium Fascia

Aluminium Fascia

Trueline aluminium fascia accentuates the façade of any building and is suitable for residential and commercial applications, offering a long-lasting solution that requires minimal maintenance and upkeep.

Fascia boards often need to get the spotlight they deserve, yet, they play a crucial role beyond mere aesthetics.

Your fascia boards act as the guardians of your home, shielding it from the elements and unwanted visitors. With such vital functions, selecting the suitable material for your fascia boards becomes paramount, ensuring optimal protection, lasting value, and undeniable longevity.

At Gutters Online, we present the superior choice: The Trueline range of aluminium fascia by ARP Ltd, the ideal alternative to uPVC fascia.

Why Opt for Aluminium Fascia Boards?

When it comes to selecting fascia boards for your residential or commercial property, the advantages of aluminium fascia & soffit systems are abundantly clear:

Enhanced Pest Deterrence

A primary function of fascia boards is to keep pests away from your attic. The hidden spaces within gutters and fascia are enticing to pests, offering shelter from predators.

Unlike wooden or uPVC fascia, these fascia boards present a tough challenge for pests, discouraging them from accessing your home.

Durability That Lasts

Though protected by the roof, fascia boards still face the brunt of weather elements and sunlight.

Aluminium fascia boards create an impenetrable shield around your property, providing unwavering protection for decades with minimal upkeep. They stand firm even during severe storms, repelling leaks and preventing rot.

Aluminium fascia is resilient against small gutter leaks, showing no signs of deterioration or rust due to its premium protective paint coat. Pair with aluminium guttering for a stunning modern design that protects your property for decades.

Trueline fascia board is fabricated from 2mm and 3mm sheets, pressed to shape to suit individual project requirements and all necessary fixing holes are pre-drilled. This fascia system can be supplied in various profiles and girths from 175mm to 900mm.

Vibrant and Unfading

Our durable aluminium fascia boards can be supplied with an in-house polyester powder coat finish in a wide range of colours. Standard colour options include several popular RAL colour codes, allowing you to match other elements of your colour scheme.

Once painted, powder coated aluminium fascia boards retain their allure, resisting fading and chipping over time. This enduring vibrancy surpasses that of wooden or plastic alternatives, ensuring your property's curb appeal remains exceptional.

See our colour options for more information about our standard colour range and finish options.

Fireproof Assurance

Inherently fireproof and capable of withstanding extreme heat without melting, this exceptional metal minimises fire damage, while its non-flammable nature halts the spread of flames.

Choosing metal fascia means adding an extra layer of protection against water and fire damage, making it an ideal choice for commercial buildings.

Eco-Friendly Advantage

Aluminium is endlessly repurposable as a fully recyclable metal, contributing to a sustainable environment.

Opting for metal fascia aligns with environmentally conscious choices, reducing your carbon footprint and positively impacting the planet.

Low Maintenance Brilliance

Aluminium's inherent strength and corrosion resistance translate into years of carefree protection for your home. It outperforms other fascia materials across the board.

Unlike wood, aluminium doesn't rot and remains unaffected by the weight of full gutters, ensuring a clean and enduring water barrier with minimal upkeep.

To maintain proper working order, fascia and soffits should be inspected periodically. Ensure all fixings are secure and take remedial action to rectify if necessary.

To maximise the life of the decorative paint finishes, fascia should be washed down with clean water at least annually, and any damage repaired. In marine/industrial environments, this period may need to be shortened to six months.

Affordable Longevity

While wood and plastic fascia may offer a lower initial cost, the cumulative expenses of maintenance and replacements overshadow their apparent affordability.

Aluminium fascia boasts a low ongoing cost, underscored by its longevity. Moreover, it's easy to install, reducing installation expenses. With the enduring value of aluminium fascia, you're investing in savings over the long run.


Joints are to be by internal union sealed by applying Arbosil 1096 Low Modulus Silicone Sealant and fastened by 5mm x 25mm stainless steel screws following the manufacturer’s specification & guidelines. Direct fixed at 600mm centres with additional fixings at fittings as required.

Leading Supplier of Aluminium Fascia in the UK

Look no further than Gutters Online for quality fascia that guarantees superior performance and aesthetics.

As a premier online supplier of aluminium fascia from leading aluminium guttering and roofline manufacturers, we cater to both trade and public needs with unbeatable prices and exceptional customer service.

Why Choose Gutters Online?

At Gutters Online, our commitment extends beyond providing quality products. We prioritise value and an exceptional customer experience, with a combined aluminium fascia and soffit range in pre-set sizes for a lasting decorative finish.

Our aluminium fascia products are fabricated in the UK by ARP (Aluminium Roofline Products Ltd) using 2mm and 3mm aluminium alloy sheets pressed to shape to suit individual project requirements, and all necessary fixing holes are pre-drilled.

Choose from standard aluminium fascia profiles in standard sizes. Custom colours and bespoke options are available.

Unmatched Diversity

Our distinct variety sets us apart. We offer aluminium fascia in multiple standard RAL and BS colours. The fascia is powder-coated to ensure enduring beauty and colours that stand the test of time.

Colour coatings are available with a choice of finishes, including matt, satin, gloss, and textured finishes.

A non-stock colour selection with over 200 RAL colour coat finishes is available.

Bespoke Aluminium Fascia

For bespoke projects and alternative size aluminium fascias, our experienced CAD design office can help from design to completion. We'll guide you through the design process, delivering bespoke aluminium fascia in your preferred colour within a short turnaround.

Contact our sales team or send design drawings via WhatsApp to discuss your individual project requirements.

Nationwide Delivery

We understand the value of time. We work with trusted nationwide delivery partners to ensure your goods are timely and scheduled.

With special delivery options and turnaround times as short as ten working days for custom or special orders, we guarantee you receive your fascia & soffit products when needed.

Delivery to mainland UK addresses is free for all orders of £500+. An additional cost applies to non-mainland delivery areas.

Learn more about delivery times and schedules on our discounts and delivery page.

Comprehensive Support

Our full take-off service from architectural drawings ensures a cost effective system for unique construction projects.

A detailed design phase gives you the correct size aluminium eaves products for efficient installation, reduced wastage, and an impeccable finish for unique homes or commercial properties with distinct designs.

Bespoke items are managed on a project by project basis and fabricated to your exact finish specification. Standard colour options include eighteen PPC colours.

Unbeatable Prices

By sourcing products directly from manufacturers, we eliminate middleman costs, providing the best online prices. Our lowest price guarantee ensures you won't find a better deal elsewhere.

Choose the best for your building project with aluminium fascia from Gutters Online. Experience exceptional value, unmatched diversity, bespoke solutions and unrivalled customer support.

Order securely online or contact our sales team on 0330 912 2288 for help placing your order.

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