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Pressed Aluminium Wall Copings

Pressed Aluminium Wall Copings

Pressed Aluminium Wall Copings, sometimes called cappings or parapet wall copings, are a cost effective alternative to heavy concrete or stone cappings and look great on any building structure.

Standard size copings are supplied in lengths up to 3 metres with secret 4mm aluminium fixing, jointing clips, and powder coated in a wide range of colours.

Please note all copings are level; sloping copings can be priced upon request.

Listed sizes are standard, but other sizes and bespoke options are available. Free-of-charge sample items are available upon request.

Standard Coping Range:

Why Choose Aluminium Wall Copings?

Durability and Longevity:

Durable aluminium copings are manufactured using marine grade aluminium to withstand the test of time and the elements.

Unlike traditional materials, aluminium won't crack, fade, or deteriorate over time. This means your investment is protected for decades, minimising maintenance costs.

Unmatched Versatility:

Whether your design leans towards modern minimalism or classic sophistication, aluminium copings offer a versatile range of styles and finishes to complement any building envelope.

Delivery and Installation

We understand the importance of timely and secure delivery. Our efficient delivery network ensures that your aluminium copings arrive intact and on schedule, ready for installation.

Free nationwide delivery is available to mainland UK addresses on all orders of £500+. Delivery to non-mainland postcodes can be arranged through our delivery partners and will incur an additional cost.

See our delivery page for more information on the delivery process.

You'll receive detailed instructions and guidance showing you how to install aluminium copings, making the installation process smooth and hassle-free.

If you prefer professional installation, we can connect you with trusted experts to ensure a flawless outcome.

Aluminium Copings vs Stone Wall Copings

While natural stone copings have their charm, aluminium brings an array of benefits that cannot be ignored:

Weight and Handling:

Aluminium wall copings are significantly lighter than stone, making transportation and installation easier and safer.

Weather Resistance:

Aluminium's natural resistance to corrosion and weathering ensures that your copings remain pristine, even in the face of rain, UV rays, and extreme weather.


Our aluminium copings can be tailored to your specifications, allowing for curved designs, intricate profiles, and precise measurements.

Secret Fix Copings and Brackets

Commonly referred to as secret fix copings or secret fit brackets, this ingenious system goes beyond traditional fixing methods. Instead of bolting the coping directly to the wall, the coping attaches to a discreet bracket, giving a sleek and uncluttered visual line.

Secret fix coping boasts impeccable watertight integrity, avoiding the need for holes penetrating the coping.

All our copings have the necessary brackets for a comprehensive, hassle-free installation.


Our aluminium wall copings come in various profiles, sizes, and finishes to suit diverse architectural preferences. You can choose from standard options that fit most projects or bespoke copings that perfectly align with your design vision.

We supply complete aluminium coping systems manufactured in the UK by Aluminium Roofline Products Ltd (ARP) using marine grade aluminium. ARP Trueline copings are designed to blend form and function seamlessly, ensuring that your property stands strong and striking for decades in any environment.

Standard colour choices:

Jet Black RAL 9005 M Jet Black RAL 9005 Leatherette Graphite Grey RAL 7024 M Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 M Slate Grey RAL 7015 M Basalt Grey RAL 7012 M
Mouse Grey RAL 7005 M Dusty Grey RAL 7037 M Agate Grey RAL 7038 M Light Grey RAL 7035 M Pure White RAL 9010 M Traffic White RAL 9016 M
Bitter Chocolate BS08B29 Chocolate Brown RAL 8017 M Ultramarine Blue RAL 5002 M Moss Green RAL 6005 M Traffic Red RAL 3020 M Oyster White RAL 1013 M

Custom colours:

The above colour range includes our most popular paint colour selection. We can match any RAL colour code and offer a range of matt, satin or textured finishes using PPC paint.

Bespoke vs Standard Copings

Standard Copings:

If your project requires a quick and efficient solution, our standard aluminium coping range offers pre-designed coping for most building applications to give a weatherproof covering and an attractive finish to match any colour scheme.

Bespoke Copings:

Our bespoke aluminium copings are manufactured to your specifications for unique building facades and special projects. They can be polyester powder coated in over 200 RAL colours to match or contrast other property elements.

Whether you have complete detailed drawings or a rough sketch with measurements, our technical team can help.

Gutters Online has supplied metal guttering materials to the construction industry for over ten years, partnering on residential and commercial projects across the UK.

Call our friendly sales team on 0330 912 2288 to discuss the individual specifications of your project, or send your drawings or measurements through our contact form or WhatsApp.

Whether aiming for a contemporary masterpiece or a timeless marvel, finish your construction projects on time whenever you shop with Gutters Online.

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