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Cast Iron Downpipes

Cast Iron Downpipes

All cast iron guttering products are produced in a range of traditional profiles and sizes ideal for heritage or listed building projects.

Cast Iron rainwater pipes are the perfect partner to our cast iron guttering range and provide a long-lasting, leak-free traditional rainwater system ideal for heritage or listed building projects.

Choose from round, square and rectangular rainwater pipes.

We can offer cast Iron rainwater pipes in either a full transit primed grey finish for site painting to a colour of your choice or a high-quality factory applied 4-stage wet paint finish, primarily in a black semi-gloss finish, although other colours are available POA.

Samples are available in either finish free of charge, and we can offer take-offs from drawings and no obligation quotations or technical advice.

Downpipes are an essential part of your guttering system. As the gutters collect water from the roof, the downpipes move it away from the structure and its foundation. When the downpipes are not working correctly, you might have a soggy roof or a pool of water around the building.

Purchasing the right downpipes for your home is critical. They should be made from suitable material and come in the right size to offer prolonged service and value for money. Gutters Online stacks an extensive range of gutter solutions, including high-quality cast iron downpipes for domestic and commercial use.

Benefits of Cast Iron Downpipes

At Gutters Online, we take pride in supplying functional guttering systems that also uphold the home's aesthetic appeal. We have downpipes forged from various metals and come in different finishes, sizes and colours.

Our range of cast iron downpipes is perfect for traditional or heritage homes that want to keep their rugged appearance but still have functional guttering systems and downpipes.


Many property owners go for cast iron downpipes mainly because of their superior strength. The pipes can hold extraordinary weight, so they are popular in areas with high winds like Scotland and heavy rainfall.

Fire resistant

Cast iron is a non-combustible material. In case of a fire, the downpipes will not contribute to the spread of the fire. The pipes don't melt or drip, reducing damage to the property. That's why cast iron downpipes and our other guttering solutions are popular in public buildings like hospitals and schools.  


Besides its appearance, longevity is another reason builders, homeowners and architects go for our cast iron downpipes for restoration, renovation or replacement projects. The pipes are highly durable and only require minimal maintenance once in a while.


Cast-iron downpipes have a unique appearance with a timeless character. When bought in the right colour and size, the downpipes can add a luxurious touch to the property's exterior, increasing its curb appeal and value, significantly impacting property developers, buyers, or renters.

Environmentally Friendly

Cast-iron downpipes have a positive impact on the environment. The pipes oxidise slowly over time and release carbon-based ashes into the environment, which promote plant growth in oceans. By investing in cast iron downpipes, you're giving your property the best care while benefiting the environment around you.   

Choose From a Wide Range of Cast Iron Downpipes

Gutters Online is a leading guttering systems supplier with a fully stocked warehouse in the UK. We offer an expansive range of cast iron downpipes to cater to the varying needs of our clients.

Our cast iron downpipes came in three primary profiles to suit different installation locations. These are:

  • Square
  • Circular
  • Rectangle

You can also purchase the downpipes in our range of standard lengths for most projects. We can also supply the downpipes in customised lengths according to the client's needs.

You also have the freedom of selecting the colour of downpipes you want, depending on the colour of the rest of the property. You can also add accessories like ornamental ear bands, which we can deliver with the downpipes to enhance the property's aesthetic appeal and make it stand out more.

Suppose you have difficulty finding the ideal cast iron downpipes for your needs. In that case, we have a team of experienced experts who can talk you through the process and help you identify the best downpipes and guttering products for your property.

Why Buy Cast Iron Downpipes from Gutters Online?

Every property owner, commercial and domestic, wants the best parts and accessories to guarantee the longevity and durability of their structure. It's not enough that you choose to go with cast iron downpipes. You should also endeavour to get the downpipes from a reputable supplier for the best experience. Here are a few reasons why you should buy your cast iron downpipes from Gutters Online

Large range of cast iron downpipes

Our cast iron pipes make the perfect partner to the rest of our cast iron guttering systems for a long-lasting, leak-free, traditional rainwater system. Our range of cast iron downpipes is superb for heritage or listed building projects and comes in various options.


Gutters Online can deliver the downpipes in a primed grey finish for site painting to the colour of your choice or a high-quality, applied 4-stage wet paint finish, mainly a black semi-gloss finish. We can also deliver the downpipes in various colours on request.

Technical support

Ensuring clients get the best downpipes and guttering systems is our priority. That's why we offer free samples in either finish. We can offer free take-offs from drawings, and we provide our clients with no obligation quotations and technical advice. You can rely on us to help you make the best decision for your guttering system.

Free delivery

We offer free delivery for bulk orders directly from our warehouse to your location. Our free delivery saves you money that you could use to purchase extra guttering systems accessories to ensure proper installation and functioning. Our logistics team is well equipped and experienced, guaranteeing every delivery makes it on time and in the best condition.

Competitive pricing

We believe we have the most competitive guttering systems prices. We are confident enough to guarantee price matching if you can find lower prices for the same quality products.


Gutters Online saves you time and effort. You can shop for our full range of guttering solutions from the comfort of your home and get expert advice and quotes without leaving the comfort of your home. Once you select your preferred products, you can complete the payment on our secure payment platform, and we will have your order delivered to you. It's fast, convenient and straightforward.

Gutters Online is the ultimate partner for heritage property owners looking to restore or replace existing cast iron downpipes for their homes and property. You have the best chances of getting the highest quality downpipes at the most competitive prices with us.

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