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When choosing the right gutters for your home, you should invest time to find the right accessories and sundries. The gutter system works as a team. If you find the right gutters but don't use the right accessories and sundries during installation, your system will fail sooner than expected.

At Gutters Online, you can find the right gutters and accessories for your home and commercial properties. You can find everything you need in one convenient place with the assurance of getting the best quality products for every item.

Gutters Online can supply specific accessories necessary to our gutter systems, ensuring that our customers get optimal performance and longevity for your building.


The correct sealant is required for your gutter system to work. The joints need to remain sealed over time, and a suitable sealant will allow for minimal expansion and contraction caused by thermal movement without the joint cracking or leaking.

We supply the best quality sealant for gutters. Dow Corning 791 is to be used with cast iron gutters. Arbosil 1096 sealant is to be used with aluminium gutters and is available in four colours:

A low-modulus silicone sealant is recommended when installing all types of metal gutters.

Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and bolts are generally supplied free of charge with your chosen system and are crucial to the installation of most gutter ranges. They come in different sizes and designs to suit different applications. Depending on the nuts and bolts you choose, they can join two gutters or attach different components to the gutters.

Our sales team can recommend the nuts and bolts required for your installation depending on the type and material of gutters should you need to purchase extras.


Washers are included with nuts and bolts. EPDM Bonded washers maintain tight seals where the nuts and bolts are used.

Touch Up Paint

Touch-up paint is an excellent guttering accessory for installing aluminium gutters. Aluminium gutters can get nicked and scratched during installation. The scratches affect the gutters' aesthetic appeal and diminish the coat's ability to prevent ageing.

Touch-up paint can help keep your gutters looking their best and maintain that protective coating. You can also use the touch-up paint when cleaning or maintaining the gutters to restore the appearance of the gutters and prevent damage or to cover the heads of fixings once installed.

Sealant Gun

A sealant gun is designed to fit the 380ml Arbosil sealant tubes, which are 80ml bigger than standard sealant tubes.

If installing new gutters or doing extensive repairs, a sealant gun will save you time and ensure you push the sealant deep into the joint for the best results.

Muc-Off Gutter Cleaner

The Muc-Off gutter cleaner makes it easier to scrub off accumulated dirt and grime and recondition the material of your aluminium gutters.

Pipe Nails

Pipe nails are used when installing cast iron downpipes in the traditional way. They are a fastening solution that is easy, quick, and effective.

Pipe nails are one of the oldest gutter system installation methods. They have remained the most commonly used because they are easy to use. The nails attach the pipe to the mortar on the side wall.


Bobbins are a great way to introduce a maintenance gap behind the downpipe in cast iron gutter systems. 30mm wooden bobbins are pre-drilled with a hole for pipe nails or other suitable screws. It is a proven method for fixing downpipes.

Jointing Kit

A jointing kit is handy when installing half round guttering systems. Our specific type of jointing kit is used for cast iron gutters that can’t hold together by merely using glue and sealant.

The jointing kit includes rubber gaskets, nuts, and bolts. The kit comes with components to work on multiple joints. We recommend using the jointing kit with sealant to provide a tight and leak-proof joint.

Gutters Online is a leading supplier of guttering systems and supporting installation accessories. Taking advantage of our vast experience in the guttering industry gives you an edge in getting the latest and most advanced guttering systems and components at competitive prices.

Get high-quality guttering accessories to match the quality of your metal gutters with quality installation tools and components. Together, the accessories and gutters deliver quality results and longevity of the guttering system for the best value for money.

Contact our sales team today for more information on guttering solutions and accessories. Gutters Online is dedicated to making your shopping experience simple, efficient and convenient.

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