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Rainwater Hoppers

Aluminium Hopper Options

We can offer either Cast Aluminium or Pressed Aluminium Hoppers to suit either Heritage and Modern Contemporary projects.

The Guttersonline Cast Aluminium hopper range is extensive enough to provide a choice for every type of property from a new build to refurbishment of a listed building.

The Pressed aluminium range is extensive enough with standard choices in size shape and design but also flexible enough to allow us to fabricate a hopper to suit individual project needs.

Both Aluminium options can be supplied in any standard RAL/BS colour and generally within 5 -7 days.

**Cast Iron Hopper Options**

We can offer an extensive range of shapes and sizes in a fully transit primed grey finish for site painting to a colour of your choice or a high quality factory applied 4 stage wet paint finish , primarily in a black semi-gloss finish although other colours are available POA. Please feel free to contact us for further advice or assistance on colour selection.

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Rainwater hoppers or hopper heads sit at the top of the drainpipe. Their role is to increase water flow during a heavy downpour. They prevent the gutters from clogging up and turning into a waterfall. With the rainwater hopper, the downpipes can divert larger volumes of water.

Rainwater hoppers also provide an opportunity for a customised decorative touch to the outside of the property. However, this depends on the type of hopper you select and the property's architectural style in question.

At Gutters Online, we stock a full range of rainwater hoppers for different functions, styles and preferences. The hoppers are made from different materials, making it easier for owners to select the most suitable ones for their projects.

Cast Iron Rainwater Hoppers

Cast-iron rainwater hoppers are among our most popular types of hoppers. They come in various configurations and work best with the rest of our traditional rainwater guttering system.

Cast iron hoppers are perfect for older properties, listed properties, and others with traditional features. We can supply the cast iron hoppers in various sizes to match your cast iron downpipes and brackets configurations.

The hoppers come in either a primed finish ready for customised painting on-site or in a high-quality factory-applied 4-stage wet paint finish. Available colours are black semi-gloss finish, but we also have other colours available on request.

Cast Iron ornate hoppers

Cast iron ornate hoppers are an extraordinary range of ornate hoppers that add aesthetic appeal to the building. The hopper heads have various decorative features added to the side of the hopper to give it a distinctive appearance.

Like our cast iron hoppers, the ornate options also come in primed and black pre-painted finishes, so you can choose one that works best.

Aluminium Rainwater Hoppers

 Our range of aluminium rainwater hoppers is ideal for various applications. They work best in modern building designs with seamless aluminium guttering systems. These systems can divert significant volumes of water and are ideal for detached properties, new developments, commercial properties, and others with large roofing areas.

We have various aluminium hoppers to suit varying needs. The hoppers come in various sizes and designs that can work with Swaged aluminium or collared aluminium downpipes.

The sizes of aluminium hoppers we supply include;

  • 63mm round aluminium hoppers
  • 76 mm round aluminium hoppers
  • 101mm round aluminium hoppers
  • 63mm square aluminium hoppers
  • 76mm square aluminium hoppers
  • 101mm square aluminium hoppers
  • 101X76mm aluminium hoppers

Cast aluminium hopper heads

This aluminium hopper head comes in a textured finish that adds a unique but simple appearance to the hopper head. This range is perfect for property owners going for a bit of design but with a simple and elegant twist.

Cast aluminium ornate hopper heads

These are more aggressive in their decorative design with a more outstanding ornamental design. They resemble their cast iron counterparts closely but with a lighter, refined, and smoother appearance.

Modern aluminium hopper heads

This is a range of simple aluminium hopper heads designed for use with modern aluminium gutter systems. The modern aluminium hopper heads are perfect for buildings going for a clean and simple look that blends in with the rest of the building.


Our hopper heads come in various profiles to suit different needs and preferences. We have a rectangular front with square sides hoppers ideal for standard applications that don’t require a high-capacity rainwater system. We also have circular and square hoppers. When choosing the profile and size, keep in mind that it's not just the appearance of the hopper you're selecting but also the capacity and functionality of the hopper. You need a hopper with a wide opening for large buildings to accommodate all the water accumulated by the gutters from the roof.

Why Buy Rainwater Hopper from Gutters Online?

Besides offering quality rainwater hoppers and other guttering system solutions, Gutters Online also ensures you enjoy a unique customer experience throughout the purchase process. Here are a few reasons you should purchase your rainwater hoppers from us.


We stock a vast range of hopper heads. Our range includes hopper heads made from different materials, designs, colours and sizes. No matter how unique your requirements are, you’re assured of finding the right hopper head in our collection.

Expert assistance

Most of our clients are not experienced in buying guttering products. It’s our job to ensure we equip them with adequate expert information to help them find the best hopper heads and other gutter solutions from our range. We will offer you free technical advice, takeoffs, and quotations during the purchase process.

Price match guarantee

Gutters Online guarantees the most competitive market prices for all its products. We will match that price if you find a lower price than we offer for similar quality products. Our goal is to help you get the most value for money with the best quality gutter systems.

Safe and secure payment platform

We have a safe and secure payment platform that you can use to pay for your selected items that accept multiple payment options, including major debit and credits and PayPal. We guarantee the safety and privacy of your information. We don’t sell or disclose any payment data to third parties.


The process of purchasing construction materials or equipment is usually time-consuming and laborious. At Gutters Online, we've simplified the process to make it more convenient and easier. You can purchase all your gutter components and accessories online with the help of our dynamic and responsive customer support team. Free quotations and technical advice will ensure you get the best quality and type of products without leaving the comfort of your chair.

Free delivery

Enjoy free delivery on all bulk orders. Most of our gutter products and parts are readily available for next-day delivery, ensuring your project stays on course. Our experienced logistics team will carefully package your order to ensure it’s delivered in the best condition possible.

Get quality rainwater hoppers from Gutters Online at unbeatable prices delivered straight to your location within the shortest time. Get in touch with us for more information and to place your order.

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