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Rainwater Pipes

Rainwater Pipes

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Cast Iron and Aluminium Rainwater Pipe options

Rainwater pipes complement the work of gutters by directing the water collected by the gutters away from the building. Without the rainwater pipes, the water collected from the roofs by the gutters will pour to the ground, aimlessly compromising the foundation and causing any flowers or plants close to the house to rot.

Downpipes are just as important as the rest of the guttering system. You should take equal seriousness to find the best rainwater pipes to combine with the rest of the guttering system. In most cases, it makes sense to purchase downpipes made from the same material as the gutters for easier installation and better efficiency.

Regardless of your choice, Gutters Online stocks a wide selection of rainwater pipes for all types of homes and architectural styles.

Choose from a Broad Selection of Rainwater Pipes

Gutters Online is an experienced gutter systems supplier in the UK. Our warehouse has a vast range of rainwater pipes to match different clients’ needs and requirements. Our stock range includes:

Cast Iron rainwater pipes

Cast-iron rainwater pipes are a popular option in the UK, particularly in heritage buildings. They are best known for their unique appearance and durability.

Benefits of cast iron rainwater pipes

There are various reasons why builders, owners and architects often prefer cast iron downpipes in their projects. Some of these reasons include:

  • Longevity – Cast-iron downpipes and other guttering solutions have a long shelf life. They are solid and can withstand the harsh elements of weather. Cast-iron downpipes can last for decades with minimal maintenance when installed properly.
  • Resistant to destruction – Unlike most materials used to make downpipes, cast iron is resistant to distortion either by accident or vandalism. The downpipes can withstand the weight of ladders for roof maintenance and will not sag when subjected to heavy storms or snow.
  • Cost-effective – Cast-iron downpipes can last upto 100 years, and the systems are recyclable at the end of their lives. That makes cast-iron downpipes more affordable long-term compared to other types like PVC, which you might replace every few years.
  • Environmental benefits – No other material can offer the same ecological benefits as cast-iron downpipes. The material has sound deadening properties for lower noise levels. There's very little expansion and contraction in extreme temperatures, so you don't have to worry about deformation or disturbing noises like creaks.
  • Fireproof – Cast-iron rainwater pipes are popular in public buildings because they are fireproof. They don't promote the spreading of flames, and they don't melt, making them ideal for installations where public safety is a priority, like schools and hospitals.
  • Aesthetic appeal – The unique appearance of cast iron downpipes is one of the main reasons builders opt for them. They have a rustic appearance that blends perfectly with traditional Victorian-era architecture.

Our Variety of Cast Iron Rainwater Pipes

Our cast iron rainwater pipes come in a range of traditional profiles and sizes, perfect for listed buildings and heritage projects. Together with our cast iron guttering range, the downpipes provide a leak-free traditional rainwater system that is durable and easy to maintain. Our range includes;

Round/square/ rectangular rainwater pipes

You can choose from three rainwater pipe profiles depending on the style of the property or your personal preference. We stock the pipes in round, square and rectangular profiles. The pipes also come in various sizes to cater to properties of different sizes.


We can deliver the pipes in one of two options. The most common one is our painted black cast-iron downpipes. For clients that want the pipes in customised colours, we can deliver the pipes in a primed state, ready for painting on site.

Aluminium rainwater pipes

Aluminium rainwater pipes are popular in modern buildings. They are lighter than their cast iron counterparts and are packed with durability and aesthetic appeal. Other reasons why you should consider installing our aluminium rainwater pipes include;

  • Durability – Aluminium is corrosion resistant. It's the perfect choice for a long-term, durable rainwater system. The expected life cycle of aluminium systems is about 30 years, depending on maintenance.
  • Aesthetic – Aluminium rainwater pipes have a unique appeal that blends well with most modern buildings for a clean and sleek design. The simplicity of aluminium pipes makes them ideal for many properties, including old country houses. The gutters easily blend in.
  • Wide range of colours – With our aluminium rainwater pipe range, you can choose from more colour options. We stock the pipes in various RAL colours, with the pipes ready to deliver in just ten working days. Aluminium downpipes are not prone to colour bleaching when exposed to sunlight, allowing them to keep their original colour longer.
  • They don’t crack – Temperature changes cause gutters and downpipes to crack because of rapid expansion and contraction. Aluminium is not affected by thermal expansion, guaranteeing a seamless fit without leaks or unsightly joints.
  • Easy to install – Aluminium downpipes are the easiest to install because they are lightweight. They don't require any soldering of the joints or the need to call in professionals. With minimal skills and time, you can competently install the gutters by yourself. But we always recommend letting professionals do it for better performance and longevity.

Our Variety of Aluminium Rainwater Pipes

Our range of aluminium rainwater pipes is designed to suit the needs of our clients. We have a vast selection of options for every project.


The pipes come in three primary profiles. You can find them in circular, square, or rectangle profiles. You can choose the profile that works best for your home or have a blend of different profiles depending on where you want to install them.

Collared or Swaged Aluminium Downpipes

Cast collared aluminium downpipes work brilliantly with the rest of our aluminium gutter solutions. They have an authentic appearance and come with matching components, making installing the pipes using the collar system easy.

We also have swaged aluminium downpipes for projects that want a cleaner appearance. Our swaged range provides a simple but effective push-fit drainage system ideal for modern building designs. We can supply this range of downpipes in varying lengths up to 3 metres long. The pipes are secured using clips and can be installed by a professional or a DIY enthusiast.

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