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63mm Round Swaged

This downpipe has a standard length of 3 metres, but this may vary depending on your roof pitch, number and position of outlets in your gutter along with anticipated amount of water flow. A roof pitch of less than 30 degrees will use a shorter length of 63mm downpipe. If you have a very steep roof pitch, you may need to use a longer piece of 63mm downpipe guttering. So, the length required will depend on your specific roof pitch. However, the guttering length will depend on the location of the downpipe and whether it is connected to other property's drains.

The 63mm downpipe has an external diameter of 63mm in the body of the pipe with and expanded or ‘Swaged‘ Collar and the top with external diameter of about 68mm, making it an easy push fit system.

Benefits of 63mm Downpipe Guttering

Aesthetically Pleasing

This type of Downpipe looks great on just about any type of house or building. It's stylish enough to be used in new construction projects and older homes with more traditional designs. This makes it a great option for homeowners who want something that will blend in well with their home's design while still providing them with years of protection.

Ease of Cleaning

When cleaning out your guttering system, 63mm downpipes are much easier to clean because of the factory applied low maintenance powder coated finish, all you will need is warm soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth.

Installation Tips and Considerations of 63mm Downpipe

Downpipe is an essential part of every home. When you install a new downpipe, you must ensure that it is properly and safely installed following all current UK guidelines for Health and Safety.

The following are some tips and considerations to keep in mind when installing 63mm downpipes:

We advise that you ensure the fixing background is in good condition and will support the downpipe and that there are sufficient clips/brackets in place to secure the load. When fitting downpipes, start from the outlet and work towards the gully.  Make sure you have the right combination of offsets/bends/branches and pipe to complete the installation. Maximum fixing centres is 2 metres – using correct stainless-steel fixings and plugs for the substrate being fitted to.

Ensure vertical alignment between drain and gutter outlet.  Adjust the offset to suit the projection.  Place the offset in position from the outlet and fix the first pipe into place, thus holding the offset in position

Sealant can be applied to the inside of the pipe socket prior to installation. Swaged downpipes should have sealant applied to the socket prior to installation. A pipe clip should be fixed directly beneath the pipe socket. Additional pipe clips should be fitted at 2m maximum intervals.  Carry on installing pipes in this fashion until reaching the drain. Clips to be fixed with plastic wall plugs and stainless-steel screws of a size suitable for the substrate.

A shoe, drain adaptor or off set may be required to terminate the pipe work into the gully, As per local building regulations, if a shoe is not installed access pipes should be fitted and positioned to give suitable rodding access as required.

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